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Blue Water Area Churches

Connect, serve, and collaborate in the name of Christ

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Praying for our Schools

Hopefully you’ve seen some of these signs around town! Over 250 of them have been sold so far and we have more to get out into the community! They are $5 and if you’d like to grab one, swing by Operation Transformation (1904 Poplar, Port Huron) or call 810-966-8660 and we’ll make sure you get it! All the funds raised goes directly back to the Blue Water Area Churches, and what a blessing it will be for the schools in our community!

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40 Days of Prayer

The Blue Water Area Churches are hosting 40 Days of Prayer. For years churches of various denominations and racial backgrounds in the US sponsored one hour prayer meetings daily during the 40 days of Lent, February 22nd to April 2nd. We are bringing this to the Blue Water Area, where 28+ participating churches adopted an evening to host services. The Blue Water Area Churches’ website,, provides the structure and content for each meeting. With an Old Testament and a New Testament scripture, there is a biblical prayer of hope with a specific topic daily (teachers, families, healthcare, etc.). You can find the location and prayer focus each day at or on Operation Transformation’s Facebook page, beginning February 22nd. We hope you can join several of the prayer times in person!

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